Harry Phelan


I passionately believe in great quality hair, and I am never satisfied until this has been achieved. Ever since I was a boy, I have believed in this philosophy, and this is what has pushed me all of my life. I have worked in one of the best hair salons for well over five years, and I am now the owner of hair-studioh, as well as a Barber educator at Academy num 5 in Fareham.

I am also the Solent entrepreneurial winner of Young Start-Up Talent, with a 50k start-up prize fund.

All of this is a product of my hard work, passion and dedication. As a teenager, I was always told I had brilliant hair, and when I enrolled in my first hairdressing class at school, not only was I a natural at cutting hair, but I had an instinctively excellent sense of style, which leads me to be at the top of the class. At this time, I also discovered my passion for communicating with people, and I began to love to talk with people whilst I worked with them, and this truly leads me to care about them. It is so nice to know so many different people, and that is one of the reasons that I love my job. Not only do we know each other, but I feel a strong sense of connection with each of my regulars, and because of that, they feel so comfortable with me, that they will often just allow me to do what I think is best, and when I know the person, I really know what to do to make their personalities shine. It really is a fantastic and satisfying thing for me to do, and I absolutely adore that part of my work. Of course, I will always go with what they think is best, but I really like that my customers and I have that connection. For me, it isn’t just about a haircut, it’s about making someone shine, and the feeling that I get when I achieve this is truly remarkable, and it’s a thing that my customers and I often share.

I have been had many different experiences, volunteering in on the other side of the world, and I have organised lots of different events. I know what makes something great.  I have worked extremely hard to get to where I am, and I still have a lot in my sights, but I have realised that doing what I do makes me genuinely happy, and I couldn’t imagine anything else.

My name is Harry Phelan, and I am from Horndean. I am an energetic, caring young man, with a love of excellence. If you come and see me, you will not be able to disagree.



Interests : Barber Life, Business Plans, Passionate for extreme sports, book today to find out more.

Experience : 10 years of experience within the Hair Industry working for various Hair salons and Barbershops.

Barber Educator at Academy @NO.5: www.academy5.co.uk

The Solent Winner of Young Start-Up Talent: www.youngstartuptalent.co.uk/harry-phelan

Scott ( mustache mullet)

Scott ( mustache mullet)
Hi, I’m Scott. I’m 25 from Portsmouth (City/Not a town).
I’ve been barbering for 3 years and trained at the MINT Academy in Bournemouth.
I am a bit of an all rounder but modern styles tend to be what I’m best at such as your skinfade, tapers etc.
Im a part time cowboy and entertainer on my Insta @mustardmullets

Interests : I also have 2 dogs and a cat. Always up for a conversation no matter the topic

Contact : @mustardmullets

Josh (lad with glasses out back)

Josh (lad with glasses out back)
Hey, I’m Josh, a 22 year old, local lad with 5 years barbering experience, training at London School Of Barbering.
Most of my work consists of a variation of skin fades. However, I do enjoy everything from classic barbering to those more bold and adventurous styles!
Big love
Josh ✂️💈🏌‍♂️

Interests : I also sell golf clubs.

Contact: @jgreenbarberco

Jack (the younger lad)


Jack (the younger lad)
Insta @Bover the barber
I’m a young barber with a creative mind no cut is to big or small.
I offer more than just a haircut, I will chat your ear off about anything and am very patient with the youngsters.
Trained with Harry at Studio H.
LV2 qualified from academy no.5.
In my spare time I enjoy cutting shapes at discos and raves!



Interests : Supports PFC and is a keen football player with his Refereeing qualification.

Contact: @bover_the_barber



Qualified and established barber since 2005.
I thrive on styling, creating, caring and being around like minded people, who have the same passion for barbering as I do!
Here at studio H, I feel I have found an energetic, dynamic and diverse team of barbers who strive for barbering excellence.
Coming from a very cosmopolitan studio, no hair type is a problem, whether it’s a contemporary or retro look you want.


Interests : Kundalini yoga teacher / practitioner.